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NextWave STEM

Lead Generation | CRM and Data Management | Marketing | Creative Content

NextWaveSTEM is an innovative educational company whose mission is to bring STEM education and learning to schools across America while teaching students and teachers alike the futures of tomorrow. Fun House teamed up with NextWaveSTEM to help push their mission forward. Taking a hold of mountains of unorganized data, a poorly managed CRM, and cleaning up lead funnels; We brought engaging content to their audience. The goal…to make their process and branding cohesive.

Lead Generation

We created fresh engaging copy, lively emails, and multiple marketing email drip campaigns to push customers further down the funnel. This led to converting them into warm sales leads. This led to increased engagement, and site views while decreasing time spent organizing new emails. By analyzing past consumer behavior, we optimized the user experience which led to more time spent on the site, a lower bounce rate, and a 29% increase in lead conversions. 

Educational STEM marketing services
STEM education sales strategy company
CRM and Data Management

One of NextWaveSTEM’s headaches was taking mountains of data, cleaning, organizing, and then analyzing it. Their old CRM process had missing information causing missed sales opportunities and confusion. After switching over to HubSpot, their sales and marketing process was streamlined. We transferred the data, scrubbed, and organized it properly to pull direct forecasting; shining a light on missed opportunities moving forward. 

Student Education services SEO strategy
Educational Promotional Group with Marketing Agency
STEM education sales services
Educational marketing services fun house creative agency
NextWaveSTEM with Fun house Creative agency
STEM educational company hires Marketing services
Creative Strategy and Branding Outcome

Alongside redeveloping their lead generation funnel, we provided NextWaveSTEM with blog posts, digital marketing campaigns, and more comprehensive branding material to make their brand stand out in the market. We paved the path for NextWaveSTEM to become thought leaders within the STEM education community.

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