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Marketing | Website Redesign & SEO Optomization | 

Stuck in a traditional way of doing business: With brick and mortar buildings, paper checks, and loads of communication issues, the company needed a streamlined way of communicating marketing information to their stores and clients–in a cost effective way.


With a goal of increasing brand awareness and lead conversion, Fun House was able to provide insightful information on how much it cost to acquire a new customer within the financial realm. Our marketing was done through monthly E-blasts to previous customers, Google Search and Display ads to potential new customers as well as direct mail campaigns and text message campaigns that helped develop the consistent brand voice. With a typical acquisition cost of $200 - $300 for traditional banks, Fun House was able to convert leads at $15 - $40 during 2019 and 2020. 

Financial company SEO strategy company
Web Site Design & SEO Optomization

Fun House found that because they had a very cluttered web pages, their sites were getting extremely high bounce rates. Starting from scratch, Fun House aimed to make a new website page that was simple, clean and easy for the user to navigate. With a cleaner site, new customers that were acquired, from paid advertising, had an easier time converting. By doing key word research, Fun House pin pointed key words in the SEO strategy that didn't have as much competition so the financial brand was able to cut through the clutter with less cost. 

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Consumer finance loan company with Fun house Creative Agency
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