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Previously, HVAC’s branding was focused on local tourism with little outside engagement, inconsistent events and sporadic content without a focused demographic. Fun House worked with HVAC to build higher sales, customer traffic, content & entertainment consistency. We established a strong cultural hub, positive team morale, targeted branded content and unforgettable experiences for customers and audiences alike. 


Our ultimate goal was to turn HVAC’s initial branding as a tourist destination during the Cub’s season in Wrigley into an entertainment experience hub that didn’t have to rely on the summer months. The way we focused on building this strategy was by turning the business’s sights inward towards the local Chicago scene, a younger demographic and a very consistently promoted entertainment schedule. By doing this, we were able to keep the business afloat through the winter months when typically they (and everyone on the block) would be shut down. We built consistent entertainment 5 nights a week, over 200 annual events and brought in 10,000+ new customers in attendance to HVAC. This provided outside acclaim from both artists and customers that transformed HVAC into a legitimate entertainment venue.

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We aimed to make HVAC a self-sustained venue year-round rather than a seasonal bar. We created content, developed a robust A/B testing campaign and used targeted digital marketing campaigns to draw major attention to the brand; which was previously non-existent. By hyper targeting key demographic information, Fun House created optimized ads leading to a 174% increase in social engagement and a 78% increase in foot traffic. You can see the improvement with engagement below:

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We turned HVAC Pub’s reputation as a Cub’s tourist destination, that focused on an older rock music demographic, into a youthful entertainment hub attracting people of all ages. We created lifestyle branding that included food & beverage content, customers socializing, and creative live entertainment. We provided photography, videography and graphic design that was promoted through social media platforms and gorilla marketing. Additionally, we created out of home advertising, menu items, and custom event ticketing that pushed HVAC’s branding to a higher level.

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