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Our goal is to bring people from all different walks of life together to provide some of the best and most fun experiences imaginable. Community festivals and large scale events are just one of the ways Fun house aims to bring people together.

39 years in the making

DarienFest, a three-day community festival held in Darien Community Park, Darien IL. Full of live music, a carnival, food & beverage vendors, games and much more, we provided DarienFest the necessary tools to keep things fun and flowing. Whether it comes to sound, lighting, talent, production design, sponsorship and a variety of other necessary organizational tools, we have the resources to make your community event shine.

Fun House Darien Fest 2019
DarienFest 2019 Stage and Artist
Live music with Fun House Chicago
SL-100 stage rental
DarienFest Concert
DarienFest community Event
DarienFest | Darien, IL
Live Entertainment at DarienFest

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