Some like to say that there’s a deeper meaning to songs. That the lyrics only tell half the story and the instruments do the rest. Beach Bunny herself says that’s not the case with her music. The lyrics she writes says everything she means. At least that what she says.

Listening to her play, there’s almost a sense of carelessness, like the breakup she’s writing about has no true effect on her. Her newest album, Crybaby, was written solely about a breakup she went through in February(plainly pointed out in the first song of the album). The lyrics themselves are sad and talk of a heart broken girl trying to be okay, but when she sang them on stage, she was barely upset at all. Several months having passed, it is understandable to be relieved of heartache, but without singing the emotion behind the breakup, the songs are a bit confusing.

Though it was the release party for her “Crybaby” album, she was in absolutely no mood to cry as she happily, and quite excitedly, sang her new songs. For example, in the song “Boys” she writes how all she does is “think of you and cry.” I was thankful there were no tears, but that also means her own lyrics don’t affect her emotion as she sings them. If she doesn’t put emotion behind each song how is the audience supposed to feel? The audience was pumped up, and rightfully so for a talented musician like her, but that only took away from the emotion the words should invoke.

Perhaps, she is going for the positive outlook on breakups that this album gives. Maybe the songs are supposed to give the satirical perspective they do. In speaking with her directly on the story behind the album she said, “I went through a breakup and I wrote about it. That’s pretty much it.” So there you have it, the songs are what she sings. There is nothing more behind it except for the possible positive outlook the upbeat tune insists on.

The album, itself, is a fantastic dedication to the real thoughts and feelings that go through her, and every girl’s, mind when she encounters heartache and she turns it into an upbeat catchy tune. The other music she has uploaded on her Spotify account goes from beach-time fun to wishing she could be in California. Her performance to “Greetings from California” was by far her most endearing. She has a lot of emotion tied to California and it comes out perfectly in her performance. The whole crowd sat on the floor and swayed to her rhythm, turning the small West Loop loft venue into a Chicago-style luau.

I highly recommend listening to her new album and see for yourself how Beach Bunny deals with “boys (being) boys.” Don’t forget to check out her other music too on Spotify!