With talent and young ages on their side, Capital Soirèe should have been the headliners for the concert at Subterranean in Wicker Park on April 26. They were second in line to showcase their talent, and by far the most appealing to any in the crowd. The audience may have come for the succeeding band, but the beauty in the sound of these young men made it an act that even Blink-182 would have a hard time following.

By the looks of these college students, you would’t pin them to be musicians, but they didn’t waste time on building up to a fantastic performance. Attending a concert, most would generally anticipate the show to build up progressively from a low level of talent to a high-sign-me-now-level of sound; that’s how it is planned most often. These boys, however, around the age of 20 years old and the youngest to perform this night, took control and made the stage theirs to conquer. And conquer they did.

A set complete with cover songs as well as songs of their own making, it was full and diverse throughout the night. They kept the audience alive and dancing to the rhythm throughout their set. The crowd grew to fill the room and had every member in the crowd, no matter how young or old, living together as one group, tied to each other with the music. They have come so close to perfecting the sound of a great performance at such young ages, it is hard to believe they haven’t been signed.

The members, themselves, are students at local Chicago colleges, one of which including Columbia College Chicago, the well-known Chicago school for the arts. It was here that they recently well-deservingly won the Battle of the Bands. Currently residing in Chicago, Fun House Entertainment plans on booking this young group for many shows to come, in high hopes of them making it big somewhere down the road.