Although the venue a little small and their set a little loud for the average listener, their sound prevailed. Pine made their Chicago debut on April 5, 2017, at Music Garage Chicago in the cozy little showcase room on the fifth floor. With a cpacity of about 40 and a total of 10–15 audience members at all times, the extra room to spread out was used effectively by Pine, themselves. Singer, Darlene, and her two guitarists put their equipment on the floor instead of the small stage. It only took about a foot or two of height away from them, but, as Darlene spent most of the time she sang lying on the floor, the height would have taken away from the intimacy oftheir performance. Darlene, herself was the center of attention, not only because she is the singer, but because she was the most into the music. As stated before, she spent most of the performance lying on the floor singing. She stared up at the ceiling as she sang and the passion in her music was made corporeal in the way she let her entire body give off how deeply her passion lies.

Recently signed to No Sleep Records, the story behind their discovery is one to live on through the ages as the true “millennial way.” They were driving back home through Canada as Darlene scrolled through twitter. She favorited a tweet by No Sleep Records and the page followed Pine. Before they knew it, they were signing a contract with their first record label and on their way to tour Canada and the United States to spread their name.