With a quiet voice and a timid demeanor, Emma Ruth Rundle opened the show with an instant sense of tranquil growth. She whispered into the microphone a short introduction including only her name and that the band would play a few songs. Her whispers drew my attention immediately to her face where I remained enraptured by the voice that had only moments before been nothing more than a child’s wishing upon a shooting star but soon grew in itself to be full and soothing. Her tones kept an air of tranquility throughout each song as her voice grew and shrank with each melody. The entire audience was held in silence between each song, speaking only to offer words of love and encouragement up to the stage. With each fan whose voice she heard, she whispered another “thank you” into the mic. 

Walking into a concert with the label of “psychedelic rock” I wasn’t too sure of what to expect, but I can for sure say that she blew my mind. Her voice is like none other in that it draws you in to look deep into her face and read the emotions she shares within her music. Her eyes themselves could have told the entire story of her songs in the way that she resembled Bjork’s undeniable entrapment. She had a way of pulling the listener into the music with her beautiful spell-like voice and held on to the entire audience even through the silences. 

For an up and coming artist, I can say now that the more people who hear her voice, the more she will be recognized as the next Loreena McKennitt and the prodigy of Bjork. Her performance brought me back to the days when my mom and I would ride in silence in the car, completely engulfed by the voice of Loreena singing “The Highwayman,” our favorite song. Lorena's perfect melody would keep us in a trance throughout the song, and Emma Ruth Rundle has surpassed those few minutes and extended the trance to cover her entire set.